All content concerning COOPYshare is licensed as CC+COOPY.

COOPYshare in essence

COOPYshare is a form of license in which we agree to cooperate in sharing content and revenue. We are implementing it now as CC+COOPY by which non-commercial use is licensed by a Creative Commons License.  We are at a consultation and early alpha test stage.  If you wish to participate, please email

Licensors give up the power of injunction against licensees in good standing.
All providers of content certify that they will wield no power of injunction of either copyright or patent rights to users in good standing (ie fulfilling all the rules) of any content subject to the COOPYshare License.   

In return licensees share their revenue fairly with licensors.
All users of such content, whether it is the content itself or derivatives therefrom which are used or distributed for commercial gain, certify that they will share fairly according to a Cooperative Business Model any revenue arising with any disputes resolved democratically according to Cooperative Principles.

COOPYshare terms and conditions.

By agreeing to the COOPYshare License which we do by accessing content marked or associated with this license, we agree to:

1.  All contributors to and sponsors of a work are treated as members of a cooperative and organised and administered by recognised cooperative principles.  We agree to conduct ourselves as a cooperative under the Rochdale Principles, as supplemented by the cooperative movement, and cause no harm which is implicit in the spirit of cooperation.

2.  A license to extend the provisions of
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License to commercial use is granted in exchange for fair distribution of any revenue derived from this work or its copies, performances, derivatives etc. 

3.  Decisions are democratic with appeal of disputes to wider groups in the cooperative movement.

4.  Each contributor continues to own his contributions and we agree that in the event of a contributor separating from a cooperative, licenses issued to the date of separation remain.

A patent may be filed and subsequently issued for any inventions arising from this work either from the originally contributed material or subsequent contributions or associated material or combinations thereof.  We each agree to cooperate on inventions as follows;
a.  to cooperate with other contributors on inventions arising from our COOPYshare Licensed material,
2.  to cooperate with other contributors and sponsors on the creation of patents for such inventions,
3.  to license such patents to members of all cooperatives on reasonable terms which include free for non-commercial use and fair rates for commercial use as
democratically agreed by the members.
4.  share equitably between ourselves as inventors or sponsors any proceeds of such inventions.

Coop links 

Cooperative Principles 

ICA Statement on the Co-operative Identity

Notes for Cooperative Business Model

The simplest sharing scheme is that of a 50 50 joint venture between directly linked parties.   So if I gain revenue by the use of your work with my derivations I give you half so,

a.  split 50 50 [or other ratio] between directly linked parties; this leads to halving at each link of what is passed up the inheritance chain from the earner to the originator.

but there other possible choices such as,
b.  all creators of derivations are in a joint venture with equal or otherwise determined share.  Revenue split equally [or otherwise] between all linked parties in the inheritance chain to origin; this requires the inheritance chain to be traversed to work out payment.

c.  other sharing schemes are possible and can be plugged into the Cooperative License for a given implementation, for example
     by view count for contributor's content
or  transaction such as on product referrals
or  clicks as in advertising.

If the use includes use of an invention then deductions are needed for invention royalties.  We suggest 5% be allocated as a prudent reserve for all invention rights to be distributed fairly among inventors; and are open to further suggestions. 

A song is a bit like an invention; we could call it a musical invention.  Songwriters have copyright of this invention even if it is performed by someone else on different instruments at a different key and a different tempo, so we feel it prudent to reserve the same amount for a song's copyright holders, when COOPYshare applies to songs. 

If use follows from a referral, then a fee, typically 5% may be allocated to the referee.  Note, all copies between significant derivations should share a single 5% referral fee to prevent abuse.   At present we have no automated service for enabling people to sign up their sites for referral, but it would be good to implement that in ways such that the referral can be from a web site or an email or message also.  Meantime, we can work with net revenue so any referral fees are paid before sharing.